Jeff K.Montgomery  

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  Here you will find my detective stories that I have been producing for over a decade but I want to warn you that I don't write Disney stories, my books are graphic and political correctness is in short supply.  I like to write about life and get it as close to reality as possible.  So if you're extra sensitive, try someone else and "have a nice day".

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Jeff K. Montgomery

That Woman Upstairs

Free at last, Neal Dickie has separated himself from a disappointing past.  Putting his unhappy marriage behind him he has started his own business, moved into his own apartment and now looks forward to personal upward mobility.  His upstairs neighbor proves to be an unexpected hindrance however in fact his dreams of freedom and his pursuit of happiness come into jeopardy when the occupant above comes down into his space.  Someone's death is sure to follow as these two lock horns and neither will back down. 

Irretrievable Lives

Lakeport is a sleepy little town during its long cold winters.  But when summer arrives so do the hordes of tourists from down in the valley.  The resort town triples in size and the law enforcement team of three is hard pressed to keep the masses under control. Usually its not a problem but this year turns out to be quite unusual with unsavory characters arriving daily.  This year the town has its first homicide in many years, a young recent graduate who felt she was "Lucky Irish".  Suddenly there is a list of possible suspects to interview and while the Sheriff's police force struggles to locate the killer more tragedies follow the first one. 

Bourbon Street Beat

Joe Pena Series (Volume 1)
In a place called Whiskey Town they tried to re-create Bourbon Street, as in New Orleans.  It didn't work.  It attracted all the criminals, the dead eyed street dwellers and all the odd balls but not the tourists.  It's Detective Joe Pena's job to keep the mayhem and killings to a minimum but that doesn't always work either.  His brother gets killed and while he's searching for answers more bodies begin to drop.  The thing is, he doesn't even work homicide, his job is Vice but the cop on the case doesn't seem to be doing much.  Big Joe is an impatient man and is known to use excessive force when needed even against other cops. 

Life On Tobacco Road

Joe Pena Series (Volume 2)

The second book in the series of Detective Joe Pena takes him from his treasured beat, Bourbon Street to the down trodden west side of Whiskey Town where the extremely poor citizens live in trailers, build meth labs and scratch to stay alive on the dirt and gravel road known as Tobacco Road. The Vice detective is not prepared for his for his new job as head of the sub-station and his first gig as a Homicide Investigator.

End Of The Road

Joe Pena Series (Volume 3)

The ex-Whiskey Town detective Joe Pena hits the road looking for a fresh start in a fresh town where he can get away from the grim life of police work and simply be a citizen.  The town he lights in has different plans for him though.  He becomes an entrepreneur, is caught in a holdup, his girlfriend gets pistol whipped and robbed and drug use is blatant and rampant.  When the county sheriff gets run down he concluded it was time to put the badge back on.                                               

Down a Dark Alley

Joe Pena Series (Volume 4)

   Lawman detective Joe Pena returns and this time his skills at investigation are tested to the extreme when a young woman is snatched off the street and months pass with no progress in the case.  A more personal task becomes a priority when his girl Tinker Bell decides to run off and leave him and in order to get answers he has to go looking for her.  The reunion turns out bad for Joe and upon his return to Lakeport the young lady who had been abducted off the street is found dead, down a dark alley.