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  Writing is my passion! Here you will find my detective novels that I have been producing for over a decade but I want to tell you I don't write Disney stories. My books are spicy and political correctness is in short supply. I like to write about life and deliver the true grit while providing entertainment with some strong language, adult situations and unusual characters in constant conflict.

  Can you figure out who did it before the cops do? I give challenging clues. Take the plunge! And see if you are detective material. Take notes.

  You can go up and press pages to find my current booklist.

  Please go to [email protected] drop me a line with any comments or questions. I will get back to you soon, I read my email almost daily.

Thank you for dropping by, I hope you enjoy my work.

Jeff K. Montgomery

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That Woman Upstairs

Free at last, Neal Dickie has separated himself from a disappointing past. Putting his unhappy marriage behind him he has started his own business, moved into his own apartment and now looks forward to personal upward mobility. His upstairs neighbor proves to be an unexpected hindrance however in fact his dreams of freedom and his pursuit of happiness come into jeopardy when the occupant above comes down into his space. Someone's death is sure to follow as these two lock horns and neither will back down.

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Life On Tobacco Road

Joe Pena Series (Volume 2)

The second book in the series of Detective Joe Pena takes him from his treasured beat, Bourbon Street to the down trodden west side of Whiskey Town where the extremely poor citizens live in trailers, build meth labs and scratch to stay alive on the dirt and gravel road known as Tobacco Road. The Vice detective is not prepared for his for his new job as head of the sub-station and his first gig as a Homicide Investigator.

In book 5 of the Joe Pena series: The body of a man had been found hit by a couple of cars out on Dead Jacks Highway but close examination revealed that heavy metal wasn't what killed him. His throat had been cut and now his girlfriend is missing. In another case a prominent member of the McCoy family had been run down in front of his own home. Detective Joe Pena determines that someone is trying to trim the family tree. When the girlfriend is found strangled in a motel room, evidence suggests that these murders are all connected to Dead Jacks Highway.

A traveling rodeo star named Kyle Baker is forced to change occupations when a fun loving bull does the Mexican Hat Dance on his back. Kyle returns home and joins up with the local sheriff's department. He gets a huge upswing in his life, he marries his long time sweetheart and beings to study for college.

Girls begin to turn up in a battered and deceased condition and Kyle is allowed to join the investigation. What the girls have in common is that they like to dance and they all meet a dark, handsome man in fine clothes who offers enticing and unusual meetups.

Kyle's life begins to go south when he meets an irresistible lady of Hollywood caliber and he just can't stay away from her. But things get even worse for the ex-cowpoke when he locates "Dapper Dan".

Homicide Detective J.J. Errol gets shot in the head while chasing a desperate criminal. It wasn't a life threatening injury but when he wakes up in the hospital he does have some memory loss. Like who are all the angry women standing around his bed after they found out he had more than one girlfriend.

A prominent attorney crashes his car but later it is determined that he had died before the accident...he had been poisoned.

Finally back at work, Errol is given the case of the murdered attorney and shortly some of the man's clients are beginning to die from shots to the head! What makes things worse is that the clients happened to be criminals that J.J. Errol had encountered in the past. Their names and others turn up on a list of his, that was stolen out of his briefcase. More people on the list continue to fall and everyone in the department begins to look right at Errol.

Webster's Dictionary says "luck is to prosper or succeed through chance or good fortune" but some people say luck is when preparation meets opportunity and you create your own luck. But in the world of crime sometimes the best preparation isn't enough because chance will continue to get in your way.

A guy named Shaky Steve puts together the perfect crew to achieve the perfect armored-car robbery which nets him and his first mate a mountain of cash. But one citizen making one stupid move changes everything and the money moves from person to person leaving unlucky people behind in a non-breathing state.

The police know it's still out there, the cash, the bodies have stopped showing up, so where is it and who is the lucky person who's gripping it now? Someone who prepared even better than the rest perhaps.

Jack Stone is an overnight radio talk show host, he is syndicated and broadcasts his program from his home across America. His home is a converted church located in the center of a cemetery in the heart of the California agricultural belt.

His show is about anything and everything that his callers want to talk about. The debates are loaded with topics like religion, sex, crime and lots of politics.

One caller in particular becomes obsessed with burying Stone in his own cemetery. Another from his troubled past is stalking him. He lives with a guilt that he can't shake that has been following him for years. He's not on a happy path.

Stone lives with his Doberman, a huge gun collection and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. And it isn't until he goes on vacation and happens to stop at a Bed and Breakfast in Texas that he finally thinks he is outdistancing his past. He falls in love again.

However, love isn't a big enough shield to protect him from violence that is on its way, like a huge, dark ship steaming in the night at full speed.

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Irretrievable Lives

Lakeport is a sleepy little town during its long cold winters. But when summer arrives so do the hordes of tourists from down in the valley. The resort town triples in size and the law enforcement team of three is hard pressed to keep the masses under control. Usually its not a problem but this year turns out to be quite unusual with unsavory characters arriving daily. This year the town has its first homicide in many years, a young recent graduate who felt she was "Lucky Irish". Suddenly there is a list of possible suspects to interview and while the Sheriff's police force struggles to locate the killer more tragedies follow the first one.

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End Of The Road

Joe Pena Series (Volume 3)

The ex-Whiskey Town detective Joe Pena hits the road looking for a fresh start in a fresh town where he can get away from the grim life of police work and simply be a citizen. The town he lights in has different plans for him though. He becomes an entrepreneur, is caught in a holdup, his girlfriend gets pistol whipped and robbed and drug use is blatant and rampant. When the county sheriff gets run down he concluded it was time to put the badge back on.

In book 6 of the Joe Pena series: Joe is forced out of his job as Homicide Investigator because he looses his cool and attacks a shooter...the city council considers it excessive force when he strangles the young woman. Like so many out of work cops he decides to open his own agency but with a back alley flavor, catering to some clientele that prefer to hide in the dark shadows.

One of his clients is implicated in a cold case murder but the new Police Chief Ray Lightfoot refuses to work with him. The new Sheriff Ted Turner was willing to go half way when a stolen car on his beat becomes part of the mystery.

William Jefferson Moses, a man who is known to work both sides of the law, arrives in town and he comes nose to nose with Joe Pena because it turns out they're both hunting the same man.

Bootjack was once a cattle town and some claim that it was around long before the railroads and stockyards. That was over a century ago and now the dilapidated little community was deteriorating to the point of becoming simply trash in the desert.

A wealthy man from back east decides to buy it and give it some mouth to mouth but also to build a super-modern "green" city right next to it. Some people don't like that idea.

As construction begins a wide variety of colorful people are drawn to the project but with agendas of their own. A string of accidents throws a wrench in the machinery and an outside investigator arrives.

Then bodies begin to show up and no one can tell where they're coming from, they're not local residents old or new.

In the middle of all this a psychologist opens an unusual clinic in the form of a saloon and unwittingly invites a serial killer to "come on in for a drink".

Long, red, flowing hair on a lovely woman is very attractive to many people. But to some, "Scarlet" is the only color and there are still others who can become obsessed with it. One individual in this quiet, average town begins to collect red haired women...dead, red haired women.

With this one and only lead the police try to hunt this ruthless killer down. But he turns out to be much more than anyone can handle. He's smarter than the average cop and apparently smarter than the average team of cops.

Then one day he simply disappears after making a fool out of law enforcement's very best investigator and bringing him to his knees in the process. Who says murder can't be fun?

Sam is a man on edge. He has reached the point in his life where he has conceded that life has bested him. Sam is ready to die and he has chosen the time, the place and the method of his demise. A violent exit in a serene setting.

Being an honest and trustworthy person his entire life, while bending in the wind of corruption, bribes and dishonesty he suddenly can't focus nor continue on his confident, reliable path.

Most of his adult life he had spent like he had perceived his cowboy heroes had done. Doing the right thing, fighting crime and saving the damsel.

Then while sitting alone on a park bench something unfolds to send him in a different direction, one that had never occurred to him before. A quest he was created and trained for. His destiny developed right before his eyes and he did not hesitate to take up the reins of "this" stagecoach as he felt the pistol at his side.

In this sequel to Death Threats Jack Stone moves his talk show to Texas where he attempts to live happily ever after with his new bride the rancher. On a business trip to California Sarah disappears and as the song goes, "and the walls come-a tumblin' down".

Local law hasn't a clue, so he goes searching himself and has to work his talk show from the affiliates that are a part of his coast to coast radio station. One city after another.

He becomes acquainted with a private detective who is so bizarre that Jack doubts his credentials and fears he's actually a part of the Mafioso crowd. Leads pop up and they charge at them, over and over. Weeks turn into months and once again Jack is forced to look at himself and face his own failings.

The stress changes his personality and when a suspect is finally found Jack turns into the stalker.

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Bourbon Street Beat

Joe Pena Series (Volume 1)

In a place called Whiskey Town they tried to re-create Bourbon Street, as in New Orleans. It didn't work. It attracted all the criminals, the dead eyed street dwellers and all the odd balls but not the tourists. It's Detective Joe Pena's job to keep the mayhem and killings to a minimum but that doesn't always work either. His brother gets killed and while he's searching for answers more bodies begin to drop. The thing is, he doesn't even work homicide, his job is Vice but the cop on the case doesn't seem to be doing much. Big Joe is an impatient man and is known to use excessive force when needed even against other cops.

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Down a Dark Alley

Joe Pena Series (Volume 4)

Lawman detective Joe Pena returns and this time his skills at investigation are tested to the extreme when a young woman is snatched off the street and months pass with no progress in the case. A more personal task becomes a priority when his girl Tinker Bell decides to run off and leave him and in order to get answers he has to go looking for her. The reunion turns out bad for Joe and upon his return to Lakeport the young lady who had been abducted off the street is found dead, down a dark alley. 

In book 7 of the Joe Pena series: Someone is making a lot of money kidnapping affluent women and he tells his victims that he always succeeds because his motto is, "I leave no trail". When Catalina Morrison (Tinker Bell) who is new to fame and fortune, disappears Private Investigator Joe Pena doesn't care. She is his ex and she had discarded him like a dirty, old boot afterall.

However, when the government trained killer William Jefferson Moses is offered a reward from the FBI he takes up the challenge. The lousy 50K is no motivation but the ransom money he wants is. They say they don't care just don't hurt their man. He is also out to prove to everyone that he can find anyone because everyone leaves a trail!

When Francis N. Stein was born his parents gave him that name as a joke. But people around him figured it out quickly and he grew up angry since he was pestered in every school he went to. However, when he went into the military to get his college paid for he refused to carry a rifle and became a Medic instead.

After get out of the Army his hostilities toward his fellow man were still bubbling beneath the surface and he wised that everyone would just go away. Every single person on the planet.

A mishap sends him to the hospital and then into a coma. Months later he wakes up in the morgue and begins a long fight for his sanity or is it insanity?

This is a book about Dwarfs, Elves and Dragon Hunters, plus camp followers that are very unusual compared to other dwellers of old. Young Baron, Aric of Cunningham, is upset that his uncle is marrying away a daughter that was promised to him. He decides to kill the King but it doesn't go well for the angry nephew. Poor Aric ends up in a deep, dark dungeon where he converses with spiders and rats for a very long time.

A tunneling dwarf searching for treasure happens upon the prisoner and offers an out but Aric doesn't want to go. Building events outside are bigger than his desires though because of course there is a quest afoot.

The characters in this book are a bit spicier than you will see in any of the volumes written by our favorite, traditional authors like Mr. Tolkien.

Kelly Patrick Irish was sitting at a traffic light one day when he saw himself drive past in the same car he was sitting in. His very tall and wealthy girlfriend Kathleen "Kitty" Sterling tells him it's all in his head until people begin to get shot down in holdups. Around town pictures from the security cameras at crime scenes have his face all over them.

Irish gets in an automobile accident and looses his memory and when the cops come calling he can't even defend himself against the allegations. Things really become bizarre when Kitty's look-alike appears also and a gun battle between the twins ensues and everyone has intent to kill.